Comfort Zones: Good, and Sinful

Comfort zones are good, and helpful; they help us to be efficient in our lives. They help us to be able to know what to expect, to know what needs to be done, and be able to plan for those ends. Comfort zones are where habits, routines, plans, and lifestyles live. They free mental space for us to be able to think creatively about other things, without having to worry about what hand you brush your teeth with. Also, by establishing a norm they help us to recognize patterns, so we can notice danger when those patterns are broken. And so the threat response to having a comfort zone encroached upon is both legitimate, and healthy. When mastered, comfort zones can be used to establish healthy routines in our lives, and become tools to master the way we live and make our time more effective and profitable. This is why God designed comfort zones into how our biological and cerebral makeup function in the first place, of course.


Comfort zones also can become a source of sin in our lives, and hinder us from doing what God requires and calls us to do. By relying on them to determine our course in life, we will neglect to accept the power of God’s grace, and refuse to obey when God calls us do things that we can only do by His strength. And God never tells us to do things that are within our capacity to do, without His grace. God also never gives us His grace to do things that are still in our future, but He always gives us His grace in the nick of time so we are always able to do what He tells us to do. No obstacle in our path is greater than His ability to help us, when our path is lined up with His will. But this is known by faith, before the event. This means that for us to live the righteous and Christian Life, we must live outside our comfort zones. God’s calling is never within our comfort zones. If we are living comfortably, we are idolizing our comfort zones, and refusing to accept what God calls us to do, and maybe even refusing to hear it. And therefore, comfort zones become sin.

Like most addictions, comfort zones are not an evil in and of themselves. They only become an addiction, and sin, when they master us instead of being mastered by us. When used as a tool for God’s glory, they can free us to be able to become all that God wants us to be, by freeing time and mental space, making us more productive. But when they are used in any way shape or form to govern or advise our life choices, they become idols and killers of God’s grace in our lives.

Do not err, my beloved brethren.

Signed - Jaymes Lauser, Whythawye