Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel

I struggle with the concept of favorites. I hate being forced to select a single thing from among a beautifully ranged set of incrediblenesses. I do have a few favorites, though (such as the color green, though not for purely aesthetic reasons). At least for short times, before something else supplants them. But this song, this carol for Christmas, has endured for a long while in the top several favorites I have for Christmas songs.

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Bonvenon & Welcome!

Salutojn kaj Felicxadojn! (Greetings and Felicitations!)

This… * waves arm in encompassing gesture * …is my new blog. My new home site. You may wonder why I’m creating a new one instead of simply revitalizing and continuing on with the old one. That is a good wonder to have, and I will ‘splain.

Since my incarceration began, I have gone through several hardships and trials and losses, any one of which eclipsed my imprisonment itself in emotional and spiritual pain and turmoil. Friendships, and greater relationships than those made by the bonds of even the closest friends, were sundered. Brutally. I still have, and always will have scars from that. God has taught me a great deal about thankfulness, forgiveness, contentment, and joy in the midst of such things. I have learned. I have grown. I am a different person – though the same soul. I have chosen to plunge into the pain and embrace it as training for fulfilling God’s calling and desire in my life. And as such I have allowed God to change me. However, that change hasn’t cleaned away the collected stale detritus of the shattered remains of my old life. I am new, born from my chrysalis with eager excitement to ensue my new life, but I am surrounded by the shards of my transformation. Continue reading “Bonvenon & Welcome!”