Review: Eternity Falls

Eternity Falls by Kirk Outerbridge
Eternity Falls by Kirk Outerbridge

There is always a special place in our hearts for those things that introduce us to a particular genre of things. Eternity Falls was what introduced me to the sci-fi genre of fiction, at least modern sci-fi. I had read the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis, but it is practically another genre from Eternity Falls and its beautiful cyberpunk setting.

Kirk Outerbridge hits a home run in Eternity Falls on every single facet I examined it under, including character development, structure, plot, style, word craft, genre, backstory, and content. I was hooked on the first paragraph, and was drawn along the plotline with the characters all the way to the end (and beyond, because I am eagerly awaiting my purchase of the sequel). The way he escalated the stakes and conflict and the way he balanced the motivations and suspense was masterful.

I literally leaped into the air and laughed out loud with joy over some of his phrasings. That is the mark of a master wordsmith.

He was not afraid to confront and include material on ‘touchy’ issues. Not only doctrinally (which he handled excellently), but also content-wise. One character is open about contacting an escort service (not the bodyguard kind), and a female character is sexually mistreated. However he handles it discreetly and with tact, not describing it in any detail, and merely acknowledging the fact. Both were not added in unnecessarily, and added to the story. You would have to work at it to make either a stumbling block. Excellently handled.

I highly recommend this book.

Review: Invasion


Invasion By Jon Lewis
Invasion By Jon Lewis

Comic books. They are pretty cool…


until they stop being comic books and become real books. Then they are only sorta cool. If done right.

See, there is a lot of stuff that you can put into a comic book that makes it really awesome. Big explosions, cool costumes, the way the hero holds his gun just so, etcetera. You can even get some of those things into movies (though there are a bunch of other cool things you can put in one, but not the other, and vice versa, so it isn’t a one-to-one correlation).

But those kinds of things are ridiculously hard to make interesting in a regular book.

Invasion, thankfully, wasn’t as bad as it could have been, being one of those kinds of books. If it had been a comic book, its irony alone (being about comic book heroes and villains being real) would have made it interesting to say the least. But as a regular book, in my view, it should have taken advantage of all the unique things that regular books have to offer authors.

It was exciting, but shallow for someone who is used to Lord of the Rings and the Dark Trench Saga (Kerry Nietz). Younger readers who don’t want to go over their heads should be interested in it, though, as it is a good, clean, fun novel to read.

(And many thanks to BookSneeze for getting me the book for free so I could review it for them: I didn’t have to be nice, haha.)



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Well it has obviously been a long time since I regularly updated my poor neglected blog. In fact, I am two months over the time I set for my sabbatical. That was not intentional, and I intend to rectify the situation. So hold me to that. Expect regular posts every Thursday from here on out.

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