What if Mary had Twitter?

Hello everyone,

A while back (early this year actually), I acted in a really special event: the Easter Twitter Reenactment. I played Jeriah, a Roman centurion… the one who led the soldiers who executed Jesus. A hard part to play in many ways, but one which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was able to personally experience something that is pivotal to my life, the Crucifixion, in a completely unique way.

This Christmas I am honored to be able to reprise that role… only this time I am playing Jeriah as a young soldier a few decades earlier. And his station is in Bethlehem.

How did Mary feel as she rode into Bethlehem on that fateful night?  What went through Joseph’s mind as he searched for lodging, turned away at every door?  How did the inn keeper react when the shepherds came to his stable, looking for the Messiah?

What if they could tweet?

This December, join the group that brought you “EaTR” (URL:  http://easter.christianfilmmakers.org) as they return to explore the birth of the Messiah in Christmas: A Twitter Reenactment.  Follow a group of actors as they recreate the Christmas story in real-time, delving into the emotions of that historic night – all in 140-character tweets.

To witness the entire reenactment, follow the official CaTR 2010 list (URL:  http://twitter.com/cf_narrator/catr) on Twitter.  Watch for the excitement on Thursday, December 16th, 2010, from 7-10pm CT, with scattered rehearsals beforehand.  In the meantime, please explore our website or follow the Narrator (URL:  http://twitter.com/cf_narrator) for updates and more information.  We’ll see you there!

I am very excited about this opportunity, and I would love to have you all participate. Make sure to follow us, and make sure to let everyone else know about it!

And there is even room for you to actually act in it, if you want. Just let the producers know and they will get you going (if you get lost and can’t find ’em, let me know, I can get you to them). 🙂