Gianas Pronunciation Guide

Gianas Transliteration for Pronunciation

Transliterated from the Räschíth Merchant’s Tongue sound system, the gianas writing system is useful for beautiful, and yet practical, rendering of the many languages of Itheläk in a one-to-one phonetic relationship.

There are a few digraphs (two letters making one sound), but there are no 2-1 or 1-2 phonetic relationships in the system, meaning that if you see an "i", that always means "ee", and if you want to write the sound "ee", you always write "i". The only exceptions are the digraphs, so if you want to write the sound-sequence "aw-ee", then you would write "a-i", separating the digraph "ai" to keep it from saying "ie".

There are many accent marks, and they do not mean what they are normally taken to mean in English, but we’re not talking about English here, are we? They denote different sounds, so "i" is a different sound from "í", the first one being "ee" and the second being "ih".

Here is the gianas writing system:

  • ÿ – sir – often unappreciated, akin to aleph in Hebrew.
  • í – bit.
  • ai – bite.
  • ë – rest.
  • e – cup.
  • i – sea.
  • ä – hat.
  • a – bar, saw.
  • ei – ate, eight.
  • ö – book, foot.
  • u – hoot, do, rue.
  • o – sew, know.
  • au – ow, cow.
  • oi – boy.
  • dh – that, then – a voiced "th" ("v" is a voiced "f" if that helps).
  • th – think, hath.
  • kh – loch in the Scottish, a guttural kkkkk.
  • gh – a voiced "kh".
  • zh – a voiced "sh".
  • ng – young.
  • i followed by any vowel changes to "y".
  • all others have the same renderings as in english…

Most of the names that you will encounter in Ithelak will be spelled after the gianas system, the only exceptions that I know of being Kimun (spelled kaimön in gianas) and Íthílrun (Íthílren).

In Tskarnorian Gianas transliteration, the "k" sound is rendered as k at the start of words and as c everywhere else in a word, most other Gianas variant transliteration transliteration systems use c throughout.

Importance of Understanding What a Biblical Nation Is

Here is an article that I wrote for Liberty’s Light.

Why should we even care about the Bible’s view of government’s responsibilities? Why should we care how it limits it? Why should we care what it requires of it? Why should we care that no nation on earth today obeys it? Why should we care at all about government?

If you have a true desire in your heart to serve God and obey His commands, you would not ask those questions without a sincere desire to find the answers. Those questions are asked in a rhetorical way only by those who deliberately blind themselves to God’s nature; by those who refuse to give God the honor and glory due to Him as the Master and Creator of the universe and everything in it; and by those who refuse to bow their lives to His Will and Way.

Those of us who desire to devote all areas of life to the rule of the Lord of Hosts say that nations and governments are to be held accountable in their actions to the Word of God. We decry the deplorable state of the world’s governments, and we do not balk at speaking out against their tyrannies. We seek to bring glory to God again in governments.

But people say that that is impossible; that reform of the nations is ridiculous; that we would waste our time and energy speaking out. We do not listen.

When David saw the blasphemies of Goliath and announced his intention to fight him, he was confronted with incredulity and assertions that it was impossible. His response echoes through time. Instead of defending the “possibility” of his intention, for he knew that it was impossible, he cried out “Is there not a cause?” That was what his focus was on: for he knew that if there was a cause, there was a way in the Lord of Hosts.

And now, looking at the state of the world today, I say, “Is there not a cause?” And there is a cause. When the light of liberty is dying, and those who profess to be of the bride of Christ are aiding and abetting its death by its silence, I say there is a cause.

When the lies that say that the Word of God is unable to touch the very institutions that God founded, church, family, and government holds the main sway of influence in the world, I say there is a cause.

When those who profess to be God’s children refuse to obey the clear commands of Scripture and stand on the inerrant nature and trustworthiness of the Word of God from its very first verse to its last in every area of life, including government, and thereby blaspheme the name of God, I say that there is a cause for us to rise up and give glory to God again.

If we strive to make it known that God did institute government, and that He does have a plan for how it ought to work: that nations ought to be based utterly on the fact that government is an institution of God and not of men; that they must be free of modern sophistry and devilish philosophies; that they must do exactly what God made it to do and nothing else, then the glory of God will shine around the world and into the marches of unborn generations. Is it anything less than our duty to stand for the preservation and protection of the liberty that God loves and died for? The light of liberty must shine again!

I have discovered that cause of political liberty is the same as the cause of righteous liberty, and I have realized that my lifelong dream of starting a nation was actually included within the promise that I have made to God to defend liberty: and it was no idle promise.

God has commanded us to be righteous, and I see no nation in this world that does not greatly choke out the liberty of God’s servants to do so. America used to be a nation that defended God’s liberty with blood and toil on its own and other nation’s soils; but it is no longer, and comfort and apathy have killed the well of its own liberty.

Modern governments are a mockery of what God intended them to be, and I believe that it is the time to try changing that, or die trying (seriously: Christ Himself died to bring us liberty, how can we say that it is not a worthy cause to die for?). Even if I and the people who will help me don’t succeed, the effort, if it is a valiant one, will echo through the future and around the world to the glory of God. No matter what progress we make, if we stay on target, the world will be changed for the better.

If every generation had fought for the cause of liberty as if they were starting a nation strictly based off of biblical principles, America would not be in the mess it is today. But the battle is the Lord’s, not ours, and so we can work knowing that He is on our side.

I believe that a righteous banding together of believers of one mind who truly desire the furtherance of liberty, and thereby the gospel, is the only thing that will be able to further this cause. The only way that any form of government can function efficiently is for the people to be righteous.

And so collaboration and banding together of biblically minded men and women of God is the most crucial aspect of any effort to defend liberty. Hence this blog and the sister forum: very small, weak things, but which I hope will spark greater things.

Do we have the faith to stand against the world’s expectations? Where do you stand?

With joy and peace in Christ,
Jay Lauser